Ariathale is in danger!

The lands of Ariathale are suffering because of a terrible energetic crisis. It seems that the Risan Health society has discovered a misterious red crystal that could end this emergency. Join Seth and his companions, travel the ruined world of Ariathale and discover the mystery behind the enigmatic red crystal.

A 100% FREE J-RPG videogame developed by a J-RPG Fan for J-RPG fans!
A compelling story about honor, friendship, betrayal and love
40+ hours of gameplay
19 playable and memorable characters
Many sidequests and minigames
Classic ATB Battle System

100% Free download (for Windows)

Theia – The Crimson Eclipse is a non-commercial game, freely distributed.
The game makes use of material and assets produced by professionals for their respective software houses.
All of the non-original material here employed belongs to their rightful owners.

You can download the English, Italian, German and Spanishversion of the game from the Indie Games portal “”. Check the button below.

What’s the Orihalcon Edition?

In the Orihalcon Edition you’ll find some extra scenes in Chapters 7 and 13, and one (or maybe more?) additional endings! You’ll be able to see all the endings in the same playthrough by finding some particular NPCs.

NEWS 2020 – Discord Server!

A boss harder than usual is giving you trouble?
Do you want to talk strategy with some other players?
Or you just want to tell us who the best Varzan is? (jk, it’s clearly Varneleon)

For all things Theia, join the new Discord server and share your mastery with the community!

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