Ariathale is in danger!

The lands of Ariathale are suffering because of a terrible energetic crisis. It seems that the Risan Health society has discovered a misterious red crystal that could end this emergency. Join Seth and his companions, travel the ruined world of Ariathale and discover the mystery behind the enigmatic red crystal.

A Free-to-Play J-RPG videogame developed by a J-RPG Fan for J-RPG fans!
A compelling story about honor, friendship, betrayal and love
40+ hours of gameplay
19 playable and memorable characters
Many sidequests and minigames
Classic ATB Battle System

Free download (for Windows)

Theia – The Crimson Eclipse is a non-commercial game, freely distributed.
The game makes use of material and assets produced by professionals for their respective software houses.
All of the non-original material here employed belongs to their rightful owners.

What’s the Orihalcon Edition?

In the Orihalcon Edition you’ll find some extra scenes in Chapters 7 and 13, and one (or maybe more?) additional endings! You’ll be able to see all the endings in the same playthrough by finding some particular NPCs.


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